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Native Seeds Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has specialized in growing and selling high quality seed mixes of Australian native grasses for over 28 years.
Native Seeds has exclusive licences to many specially selected Australian native grass seed mixes species and types that can be used in a wide range of applications.
Cool and warm season grasses are available for Australian temperate and subtropical zones.
We sell grass seed mixes in small packets of a few grams to large bulk quantities for a range of Australian native grasses


Andrew Jamieson

“Native Seeds are our first stop whenever we are after native grasses. Their product knowledge is second to none and they always provide first grade quality seed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”


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Weeping grass seed (Microlaena stipoides) lawn

Australian native lawns

Learn more about low maintenance native grasses for your lawn…

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Native Pasture Seed

Native pastures are pre-adapted to the harsh Australian environment and can reduce the risk of equine laminitis…

Revegetating with Australian Native Grasses


Infrastructure, mining and roadside revegetation and restoration have been shown to benefit through the use of native grasses …

There are approximately 30 species of Australian Native Wallaby grasses (Rytidosperma spp.) Wallaby grasses are used for landscaping, revegetation, pasture and horticulture.

Landscaping with natives

Native grasses can be used for landscaping everything from backyards to green roofs, learn more…

Pelletised Kangaroo Grass Seed. The pellet is composed of clay and a dye. No pesticides or herbicides.

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Australian native weeping grass lawn (microlaena stipoides var. griffin)

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We have lots of information available about the different types of native grasses available and their uses in our blog…

Protect Your Property with Native Australian Grasses

With the help of native Australian grasses, you can do your part to bring Australia back to life!

Over the last few decades, the country has suffered from the terrible effects of drought and extreme weather conditions. While this is unavoidable because of Australia’s geographical location, there is something that you can do to mitigate the impact of such natural weather occurrences: by planting native grass seeds in Australia.  Planting grass seeds helps revegetate and rehabilitate areas that have been affected by or are more prone to drought. It also prevents soil erosion and helps keep ground temperatures cooler, especially during summer.

If you’re looking for quality native grass seeds, Native Seeds Pty Ltd is a name you can trust. The company was founded by Dr Ian Chivers in 1988.

Dr Chivers is a certified and well-known expert on indigenous Australian grass. Over the years, he has collaborated with many government organisations and institutions, including:

  • The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation,
  • The Australian Research Council,
  • The University of Melbourne,
  • The University of Western Australia,
  • Curtin University,
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, and
  • The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.

Dr Chivers’ love for native Australian grasses and passion for the environment has inspired him to selectively breed indigenous grass seeds with the best quality. So if you want native grass with high quality attributes for your home, park, farm, or commercial property, call Native Seeds today. We are more than happy to help!