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Protect Your Property with Native Australian Grasses

With the help of native Australian grasses, you can do your part to bring Australia back to life!

Over the last few decades, the country has suffered from the terrible effects of drought and extreme weather conditions. While this is unavoidable because of Australia’s geographical location, there is something that you can do to mitigate the impact of such natural weather occurrences: by planting native grass seeds in Australia. ┬áPlanting grass seeds helps revegetate and rehabilitate areas that have been affected by or are more prone to drought. It also prevents soil erosion and helps keep ground temperatures cooler, especially during summer.

If you’re looking for quality native grass seeds, Native Seeds Pty Ltd is a name you can trust. The company was founded by Dr Ian Chivers in 1988.

Dr Chivers is a certified and well-known expert on indigenous Australian grass. Over the years, he has collaborated with many government organisations and institutions, including:

  • The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation,
  • The Australian Research Council,
  • The University of Melbourne,
  • The University of Western Australia,
  • Curtin University,
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, and
  • The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.

Dr Chivers’ love for native Australian grasses and passion for the environment has inspired him to selectively breed indigenous grass seeds with the best quality. So if you want native grass with high quality attributes for your home, park, farm, or commercial property, call Native Seeds today. We are more than happy to help!