Ian Chivers and Steve Borsi with a new harvest of Oxley wallaby grass - Austrodanthonia geniculata

Ian Chivers and Steve Borsi with a new harvest of wallaby grass

Myth: All seeds are equal – Fact:There are distinctions of quality in all seeds!

Some people may wonder why they should choose our Australian native grass seeds and not others. The facts are that our grasses are selectively bred to yield a higher germination rate and are usually more vigorous and tolerant to heat, drought and many other factors that the Australian climate challenges us with.

There are those who believe in provenance when it comes to re-vegetation and sustainability. The facts are that provenance is not an issue with grasses. See our video on provenance and Australian native grasses.

Oxley Wallaby grass seeds - Austrodanthonia geniculata

Oxley Wallaby grass seeds

The results of our last germination test for our Oxley Wallaby grass showed that over 39% of our seeds germinated in 28 days! As these are a slow growing grass, they continue to germinate for quite some time after.

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