weeping grass (Microlaena stipoides)

Weeping grass, particularly Griffin weeping grass, makes for a beautiful, drought-tolerant, native grass lawn. But did you know that the Weeping grass (Microlaena stipoides) seed is also a protein-rich, great tasting grain which is perfect for human consumption?

Alpine rice (Weeping grass seed) is a distant relative of domesticated rice (Oryza sativa). Weeping grass is well suited to pasture, makes fantastic low maintenance and drought tolerant lawns and is also well suited for grain production.

This is something we would love to see on supermarket shelves in the future, but how long in the future is currently unknown as production time and costs are quite hefty. For now we can enjoy Weeping grass as the Aussie true-blue but also ‘green’ choice for our drought tolerant, luscious home lawns and pastures.

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