Weedzap natural herbicide

Finally an all natural herbicide that REALLY WORKS!!!

Weedzap natural herbicide

Weedzap natural herbicide is an organic, natural, non selective herbicide.

Weezap is an organic, natural, non selective herbicide that zaps small broad leaf and grassy weeds.  It is made entirely from food grade materials and is safe to use around children and pets. Weedzap is listed as safe in the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute).

Weedzap has a long residual effect , but doesn’t damage non-green woody plant parts. This makes it an excellent alternative to Round Up or many other chemical herbicides.

One container of 3.785 litres is enough to cover over 1000sq metres (1183 sq/m to be precise) at a recommended dilution rate of 8% and a water requirement of 43.5 litres.

At this time of year when its warmer this is a highly effective herbicide. You can now buy Weedzap from the Native Seeds online store by clicking here.