Wallaby grass varieties

Wallaby grass varieties

This page describes some of the well known wallaby grass species used for lawns, pastures, landscaping and revegetation including:

Evans wallaby grass (Rytidosperma caespitosum var. Evans)

Evans wallaby grass (Rytidosperma caespitosa var. Evans)

Hume Wallaby grass (Rytidosperma richardsonii var. Hume)

Hume wallaby Grass (Rytidosperma spp.) floret

Hume wallaby grass

Scientific name: Rytidosperma richardsonii var. Hume
Synonym(s): Danthonia richardsonii
Notodanthonia richardsonii
Austrodanthonia richardsonii

This grass was bred by the CSIRO especially for revegetation purposes. It is highly presistent on very shallow soils and requires little, if any fertiliser. Once established, Hume Wallaby grass can be mowed infrequently and needs little other maintenance. It is useful for roadside verges and for lawns if sown at a high density.

Oxley wallaby grass

Scientific name: Rytidosperma geniculatum var . Oxley
Synonym(s): Danthonia geniculata
Notodanthonia geniculata
Austrodanthonia geniculata

Bred by Native Seeds, this grass is of small stature and produces little foliage. With this low growth habit, this grass is very useful in situations where persistence, ground coverage and/or visual appeal are more important than dry matter production.

Bunderra wallaby grass

Scientific name: Rytidosperma bipartitum var . Bunderra
Synonym(s): Austrodanthonia bipartita
Danthonia linkii
Notodanthonia linkii
Notodanthonia bipartita
Rytidosperma linkii

Bunderra Wallaby Grass produces significant amounts of foliage on a year round basis and has been shown in grazing trials to be palatable and of high feed value. It was developed by the NSW Department of Agriculture as a forage grass for low fertility soils.

Bidgee wallaby grass

Scientific name: Rytidosperma fulvum var. Bidgee
Synonym(s): Austrodanthonia fulva
Notodanthonia fulva
Danthonia popinensis

Bidgee Wallaby grass was selected for revegetation and pasture users under dryland conditions of shallow and infertile soils.

Wirra wallaby grass

Rytidosperma tenuior var. Wirra Bred by Native Seeds, This taller growing Wallaby grass is suited to pasture and landscape applications. It is suited to a wide range of soils.

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