Native pasture for stock

Native Pasture for Stock

At Native Seeds we offer native pasture grass seed which has been proven to provide livestock with multiple benefits. Native grasses are a great source of balanced nutrients for cattle, sheep goats and alpacas. Native grasses known to be extremely resilient to environmental stresses and have been found to produce forage of high quality on poor quality soil. Native grass pastures are also easy to maintain as they are self-fertilising.

With Native Seeds’ excellent track record and expertise on breeding quality native Australian grasses, we can offer you the assistance you need to provide your cattle, sheep, horses and/or alpaca with healthier and more nutritious pasture.

For more information about our product range and the nutritional properties of native grass pasture please download our pasture guide.

Australian seed federation accredited

Our products are Australian Seed Federation accredited to ensure they are of the highest quality. As retailers of Australian native grass seed for pasture, hay, horticulture, revegetation, lawns, and landscaping.