Australian Native Pasture

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience Native Seeds are industry experts on the use of Australian native grasses for beef, sheep, horse and alpaca pasture. Native Seeds works with the agricultural and scientific communities across Australia to provide the best products and service, and will for generations to come.

Our research partners include, but are not limited to:

At Native Seeds, we offer native pasture grass seed, which has been proven to provide livestock with multiple benefits. Native grasses are a great source of balanced nutrients for horses, cattle, sheep and alpacas. Native grasses are known to be extremely resilient to environmental stresses and have been found to produce forage of high quality on poor quality soil. Native grass pastures are also easy to maintain as they are self-fertilising.

With Native Seeds’ excellent track record and expertise on breeding quality native Australian grasses, we can offer you the assistance you need to provide your cattle, sheep, horses and/or alpaca with healthier and more nutritious pasture.

Rebecca Hall Experience With Native Seeds

Dr.Chivers perseverance in understanding the biology and ecology of native grasses,and his enthusiasm for promoting their benefits and potential uses had workshop participants energised and excited about the prospects for their use.

Ian discussed different species of cool (C3) and warm (C4) season growing grasses of our region, and some of the aspects of their collection, seed preparation and cultivation. This information provided important insights for participants into the potential uses of native grassses for example in controlling noxious weeds such asserated tussock, as stock forage and as ‘backbone’ species in site rehabillation.

One participant stated ‘I got more out of the workshop than any other such seminar/field day which I’ve attended’. Workshop participants included local farmers and landholders, wildlife carers, regional botanists and ecologists, individuals from private enterprise and representatives from non-government and government organisations.

It’s been a delight to experience the “buzz” created from these workshops, with the audience being left wanting more information.

Rebecca Hall
Catchment Officer (Native Pastures),
Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority,

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horses grazing on spear grass (Austrostipa spp.) pasture

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Cattle grazing on Australian native redgrass (Bothriochloa macra) pasture

Clean wool pasture

Clean sheep wool - Photograph by Liz Robertson