Using Native Grasses For Lawns

Native Seeds PL has selectively bred naturally occurring Australian grasses for lawns. There are around 1200 species of native grasses in Australia. Some are big tussocks, and some are small fine plants. Native Seeds PL has selected Australian grass species that are naturally smaller, not as clumpy and have fine leaves. These grasses have been selected for their ability to produce lawns of high quality.

The fourth key lawn varieties are Griffin, BurraRedgrass and Oxley. Weeping grass, Wallaby grass and Redgrass can form lawns which equal other introduced lawn species in terms of texture and durability. They are drought tolerant and both Weeping grass and Redgrass will grow in shade.

There are several advantages of using native grasses for lawn compared to exotic grasses including:

Low mowing requirements

Low and/or no Fertiliser requirements

Drought and Heat Tolerant

All year green colour

Listen now Ian’s latest radio interview on Australian Radio station 3AW by Gardening Broadcaster Millie Ross on July 12 th 2015.

Eleni describes her experience on growing a lawn in heavy shade

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Thank you very much for the new manual that you have sent me, your third edition. I think it is an excellent publication, with a very high standard of both presentation and information. Your photos are clear and helpful, including those showing both individual grasses and lawns.

Diana Snape
Author of The Australian Garden &The Australian Garden: Designing with Australian Plants

Griffin Weeping grass (Microlaena stipoides var. Griffin) lawn at full height

Wallaby grass (Rytidosperma geniculatum var. Oxley) lawn at full height

Australian native grasses can grow on deeply cracking clay soils

Red grass (Bothriochloa macra) growing on deeply cracking clay

Griffin Weeping grass lawn (Microlaena stipoides var. Griffin)

Weeping grass (Microlaena stipoides) lawn
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Red grass (Bothriochloa macra) an Australian native grass lawn

Redgrass (Bothriochloa macra) Australian native grass lawn.
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Oxley Wallaby grass lawn (Rytidosperma geniculatum var. Oxley)

Short wallaby grass lawn (Rytidosperma spp.)
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Lawn seed mixes available from native seeds