What makes the best grass seed?

Grass seed germination rates

The first thing you will want from your grass seed is a high germination rate, meaning more of your seeds successfully turn into grass!  Due to selective breeding we are able to, after many years, select the grass seeds with the highest germination rate. Some Weeping grass seeds, for example, may only have a germination rate of around 50% – but through selective breeding we were able to get a germination rate – on our Griffin Weeping grass – of 97%!

Low maintenance grass

Another appealing factor of the best grass seeds is to produce a low maintenance grass. This means a grass that is slow-growing, self-fertilizing and requires little water to survive (drought tolerant). Many of our grasses tick all of these boxes and you can browse through them on our website for more information.

Attractive finished product

The most obvious thing you will want from your grass seeds is of course grass! Many people look to sowing introduced grasses, overlooking the beauty in many of our Australian natives. Weeping grass is a luscious green lawn grass which is soft to touch. Wallaby grass is a very attractive grass with soft, fluffy white seedheads. Redgrass is a vigorous grass the flourishes in summer. Put these 3 together and you get our all year lawn mix, which gives a jaw-droppingly beautiful lawn that stays green all year!


There are many benefits of choosing Australian native grasses over introduced grasses. These are just our top 3, but if you browse our website you can read about each individual grass, what it’s used for and what benefits that grass offers.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Keep Australia green!