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I’ve ordered two lots of kneed wallaby grass over as many years from your website and I couldn’t be happier. The prilled seed is a particularly good product. I have a background in grassland and bushland management so I’m always on the lookout for innovative products, particularly ones that lend themselves to direct sowing.

I’ve been establishing a native grassland on my nature strip in suburban Melbourne for the last year, and the wallaby grass I’ve found to be aesthetically pleasing as well as weed suppressing. When it’s full of flowers it looks great! I used it as a fill-in plant for between large tufting grasses like poa and austrostipa and it’s performed that role beautifully. I did one sowing about a year ago and recently an over-sow in the last month. I found I got great recruitment in my first sowing about a year ago, which then seeded prolifically in summer – that seed set recruited really, really well this winter. I was thrilled.

With a few sparse patches throughout the nature strip remaining, I over-sowed it not that long ago. We’ve had plenty of rain since and germination has again been wonderful.

Weed-wise, in retrospect I should have made more of an effort to remove the weed seed load that was there by scalping. I’m weeding a lot at the moment. I’m keeping on top of it, and luckily I enjoy it! It’s mainly in the areas where I didn’t get great coverage from my initial sowing. The areas where the wallaby grass has dominated and covered almost exclusively are virtually weed free by comparison. I’m hoping this year the bald patches will close up and the following years will see a drastic reduction in winter weeding time. There’s one section in particular that, if the rest of the area had such good coverage, I wouldn’t be weeding much at all! That’s what I’m working towards.

In short, thanks for your native grass products! You and Ian do excellent work. I only wish more gardeners were au fait with their diversity and usefulness! I certainly sing your praises every chance I get.

Thanks again to you both!

James Beattie

Horticulturist & Researcher

The grass has been great thanks, and flourishing as you can see from the attached, which is on the Central Coast of NSW. We use it essentially to stabilise a slop and provide a pleasant low maintenance area at the rear of the house. As you can see, we don’t cut it but it does get raked from time to tidy it up, move seeds down the slope when they seed, and ensure larger critters haven’t taken up home.

It certainly is resistant to changes rainfall conditions, as we generally don’t water, although we provide a little fertiliser from time to time. We do need to do a little hand weeding on occasion, but not too bad.



“Aus Eco Solutions manage an outstanding, high conservation value, native grassland west of Melbourne. Over the past two years, we have used a blend of native grass seeds developed in consultation with a specialist from Native Seeds which has achieved great results. Successful germination rates have improved the habitat quality of once degraded areas, which now provides excellent harbour for the endangered Striped Legless Lizard found throughout the grassland reserve. I would recommend using Native Seeds when planning / undertaking grassland revegetation as all staff are very helpful and the seed quality top class.”

Jon Nester, Victorian Branch Manager

Less than a year ago this was a flat paddock full of Californian puncture weed and Three Corner Jack. We sprayed before planting but since then have hand weeded and the native grasses have mainly out competed the weeds. We couldn’t be happier. The germination rate was far in excess of that recommended. We spread the seed at half the rate you advised and could have spread it half as thinly again. 

Please thank Native Seeds Team for all their help.

We are waiting to see if the summer grasses wild spring back up in spring – There was a phenomenal amount of seed dropped on the ground but we will have to see if it germinates.

Thank you so much for the seed.

Best wishes

Helen Vivian

We seeded back in July 2015 on to a clay base with minimal sandy loam added. The weeping grass took off pretty quick (germinated in 2-4 weeks) but the wallaby grass took much longer than expected (almost 3 months). This prevented it from becoming fully established prior to Summer. We watered 4-5 times/week until it fully took, ramping down to 2-3 times/week during the warmer months. As expected (being winter grasses) there was not much growth over Summer. Since Autumn, it has been taking off again. There is some weeding in the smaller patchy areas that remain but nothing 5 or 10 minutes of hand weeding can't resolve. As the lawn is in a growth cycle again, these patches are quickly disappearing.

We ended up using the whole lot on a 20 square meter lawn and netted for 2 months to prevent seed loss to birds, although I suspect that we lost some of the (still un-germinated) wallaby grass.

Summary: awesome lawn, great product, product information should be updated to specify longer potential germination for the wallaby grass (from memory, supplied information stated 6-8 weeks when it was more like 8-12).

Thanks very much. I am recommending your products to anyone looking to grow and easy-care native lawn. While the entry price is significantly more expensive than other seed varieties, I think it is worth it. We'll see how we go this summer (now that it is well established) as we plan to do minimal watering and hope that the inherent drought tolerance does the trick.


I've done a test 20 sqm of lawn in our swimming pool area and I think it's going well. Germination was within the times you advised and I'm manually weeding until it thickens up.

Gotta say the grass that is growing looks great and is nice and soft. Exactly what I need for around the pool.



Hi, here is a photo of grass planted autumn 2015. Quite slow, but doing what we wanted.

Rob Oldham

Microlaena stipoides native grass lawn

By all means use the photos and comments. Despite the problems I experienced, the reasons I chose the native seeds have been confirmed. In particular:

  • Drought tolerance. The ability for the weeping grass to 'bounce back' with minimal water is incredible. I have some grass that doesn't even get watered and it stays green!

  • Shade tolerance: This is likewise incredible. Absolutely no direct sunlight, but it thrives. Does well though in direct sunlight, too.

  • Non-invasive: In this respect I mean to garden beds, rather than the environment more generally. The low maintenance of garden borders (which I prefer to be dug, rather than using material such as concrete etc.) is fantastic. At most I use a shovel to edge, but in practice I generally just leave it alone.

Now that I have more experience with the grass, I'm looking forward to adding different varieties under more controlled i.e. limited circumstances and expanding overall the extent of native grasses in my yard. All of the advice Native Seeds provided me (including from yourself) was useful and relevant. For the rest, you just have to try I guess and learn from experience!

Kind regards,


Great to have you follow up on seed supply. Very appreciated.

All is progressing. Seeds were sown about nine weeks ago and a great number appeared at 3-4 weeks.Growth seems slow to me, but it has been cold and wet, and the seeds were put in very disturbed soil, minimum top soil.So the only query I would have is would it be beneficial to give the seedlings a fertilizer assist?

Thanking you for the seeds and this contact.


Thank you so very much for the wonderful presentation at the AILDM seminar earlier today and for the work you put in beforehand to prepare for the event.

You are an engaging and incredibly knowledgeable speaker and I know that our members would have gotten a lot from your talk.

Here at AILDM we are constantly endeavoring to increase our members knowledge of all things related to landscape and landscape design (we are launching CPD on July), and we value the support of government, individuals and businesses, such as yours, who engage with us and support us in achieving this.

So again I sincerely thank you”

The Hydroseeding and Environmental contractor section of BWD Group Pty Ltd have for many years utilized the services of Native Seeds Pty Ltd on many of our re vegetation projects.The quality of native grass seed blends provided have always been of excellent quality.We have also always appreciated their advice and expertise when using their consultancy services relating to native seed selection for specialised erosion control and re vegetation projects.

BWD Group Pty Ltd​

Native Seeds Team perseverance in understanding the biology and ecology of native grasses, and his enthusiasm for promoting their benefits and potential uses had workshop participants energised and excited about the prospects for their use.

Ian discussed different species of cool (C3) and warm (C4) season growing grasses of our region, and some of the aspects of their collection, seed preparation and cultivation. This information provided important insights for participants into the potential uses of native grassses for example in controlling noxious weeds such as serated tussock, as stock forage and as ‘backbone’ species in site rehabillation.

One participant stated ‘I got more out of the workshop than any other such seminar/field day which I’ve attended’. Workshop participants included local farmers and landholders, wildlife carers, regional botanists and ecologists, individuals from private enterprise and representatives from non-government and government organisations.

It’s been a delight to experience the “buzz” created from these workshops, with the audience being left wanting more information.

​Rebecca Hall
Catchment Officer (Native Pastures),
Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority,

I was very relieved to come across Native Seeds Pty Ltd. After a few phone calls and a little research, I was convinced that when it to comes to regenerating from native grass seeds, this company knows what it’s doing from sourcing seed, site preparation, direct drilling and maintenance. We followed Native Seeds prescription for site management and we were rewarded with 6-42 native grass seedlings per square metre (average of 14). With enrichment planting of shrub and canopy species and five years growth, we now have a fully structured and diverse regenerating Cumberland Plain Woodland and Riverflat Eucalypt Forest The overall costs were significantly reduced from straight planting costs alone and our Client is very happy.

Michael Sheather
ReidSenior Ecologist​

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