Sowing a Redgrass Lawn

Redgrass is a strong grass with a moderate to fine texture, suited to lawn and turf. It is suitable for the drier and semi-arid inland areas of temperate Australia.

This grass is a summer growing perennial which is dormant during the winter months when it takes on a reddish tinge. It grows best on cracking clay soils of low fertility.Redgrass has excellent tolerance to high temperatures and drought with above average tolerance to shady situations.


Native grasses do not like competition from weeds as they have relatively slow growth rates, so ensure the soil is well prepared and weed free prior to sowing.Redgrass-seedling

Sow the seeds in early spring through to early autumn when the soil is moist for best results. Sow the seed close to or on the surface, and lightly rake over to ensure that all seed is in good contact with the soil. We recommend at least 1 kg of pelletised seed to cover 100 square metres.

Watering may be necessary to aid germination if rainfall is sparse.

Germination occurs when air temperatures are above 25˚C and seedlings should emerge in 7 – 10 days. Once germinated the plants can survive and develop for many weeks without irrigation or rainfall.

Please be patient.

At the early stages of establishment keep broad leaved weeds under control by hand weeding.


Allow the seedlings to thicken up before mowing.

When they are well established, keeping mowing heights to 25mm. The lawn should only require mowing if seedheads shoot in summer and then once or twice per year should be sufficient.

Redgrass does not require fertilizer.