Sowing a Griffin Weeping Grass Lawn

Weeping grass is native to Australia and makes an attractive lawn similar in appearance to introduced Bluegrass or Ryegrass.

Griffin Weeping grass is a specially bred low growing form of Weeping grass which makes it ideal as a turf grass. It is versatile as it has above average tolerance to high temperatures and frost, and above average to excellent drought tolerance. Its other main advantage is that it is shade tolerant.


Sowing Griffin LawnNative grasses do not like competition from weeds as they have relatively slow growth rates, so ensure the soil is well prepared and weed free prior to sowing.
Sow the seeds between autumn and spring when the soil is moist for best results. Sow the seed 10 – 15mm below the surface, or if spread over the soil surface, lightly rake over to ensure that all seed is in good contact with the soil. We recommend at least 1 kg of seed to cover 100 square metres.

Keep the seed moist until the seedlings are established, but do not flood or waterlog the soil.

Germination should take place within 10 – 14 days during autumn and spring. The seed can take longer (up to 6 – 8 weeks) to germinate during colder weather.

Sowing Griffin Lawn Weeping Grass

Please be patient.

Weeping grass seedlings are about 2 – 3mm wide and tend to lie flat.

At the early stages of establishment keep broad leaved weeds under control by hand weeding.


Allow the seedlings to thicken up before mowing.

When they are well established, keeping mowing heights between 25 – 40mm. The lawn should only require mowing about 6 times per year.

If there are any thin patches in the lawn, Weeping grass will spread very slowly to fill these in. It has short rhizomes under the soil which grow out to produce new shoots. Weeping grass is not invasive like Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo grass. Alternatively thin patches may be oversown later.

Weeping grass lawns may benefit from an occasional feed of lawn fertilizer, particularly if the lawn begins to show tinges of yellow.

Griffin Weeping grass is a very low maintenance grass which lives for a long time. It may brown off during very hot, dry periods but doesn’t die, unlike other introduced lawn grasses. This is great advantage as even a slight shower of rain will see it green up again and occasional watering with grey water will maintain it during summer.

Griffin lawn