Revegetation, Rehabilitation and Restoration of Australian grasslands

Rehabilitation, revegetation and restoration of Australian native landscapes occur at a variety of scales for a variety of reasons.

Rehabilitation of mine sites has been a major area of work in Australia in recent times. Mine site rehabilitation often requires large quantities of seed, which is rarely available from harvesting existing stands of vegetation. Native Seeds has most of the species we sell under production in agricultural systems. This means that we are able to provide more seed when you need it.

Revegetation of infrastructure projects can be difficult due to limited information on what to plant, and how to sow native grass seeds. Fortunately Native Seeds has seed consultants available in the office to help with just these kind of enquiries. Contact us anytime by phone or through our online form and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

Restoration of Australia grasslands is not only the domain of local and state government, but also the backyard warrior. Unlike harvesting from natural stands of the remnant grasslands which depletes the seed bank, Native Seeds Pty Ltd produce our grass varieties though an agricultural production system. This means that you have access to the seed you need to attract wildlife, or restore grasslands without depleting the seedbank of natural areas. Furthermore restoration of Australia’s grasslands can provide additional unexpected benefits, such as reducing fuel load for fires and reduced water and fertiliser requirements for landscaping maintenance.

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Rehabilitation of mine sites using Australian native grasses

Rehabilitation of mine sites

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Rehabilitation, revegetation and restoration of infastructure projects

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Rehabilitation of native grasslands

Our product range for revegetation includes:

Aus Eco Solutions

Native seeds testimonial 5 stars
“Aus Eco Solutions manage an important, high conservation value, native grassland west of Melbourne. Over the past two years we have used a blend of native grass seeds developed in consultation with Dr Ian Chivers from Native Seeds which has achieved great results. Successful germination rates have improved the habitat quality of once degraded areas, which now provides great harbour for the endangered Striped Legless Lizard found throughout the grassland reserve. I would recommend using Native Seeds when planning / undertaking grassland revegetation as all staff are very helpful and the seed quality top class.”

Jon Nester, Victorian Branch Manager Aus Eco Solutions