Dichanthium sericeum


Queensland Bluegrass grows in all states of Australia, but it grows principally in northern Australia, especially in association with Mitchell grass country in Queensland. It is restricted to warmer grasslands and woodlands with predominantly summer rainfall. It also grows in many other locations across Australia, but is more scattered and prefers warmer, drier sites. It is adapted to a broad range of climatic conditions.


Queensland bluegrass is a leafy upright tufted perennial grass. The stems and leaves have a distinctive blue-green appearance. It flowers in summer and the seedheads are similar in appearance to Redgrass.


Queensland Bluegrass grows best on the clay soils of the Mitchell grass country, but it also grows on loams or rocky sites.


  • Moderate frost tolerance
  • Moderate drought tolerance


The seed is supplied in floret form. The seed will germinate only under warm conditions. Seed can be sown from spring to early autumn. Late autumn seedlings can be damaged by frost. Sow seed on or close to the surface (approx. 5 mm and no deeper than 10 mm) and keep the soil moist. Seed sown on the surface will dry out and not germinate.

Sowing rates: For pasture and revegetation 5 to 10 kg/ha (florets)


A useful pasture grass as it has a high leaf to stem ratio and is palatable to stock especially when young. Because of its distinctive attractive appearance it can also be used for landscaping as specimen plants or for revegetation.

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