Windmill grass – Chloris truncata

Windmill grass (Chloris truncata)
Windmill grass (Chloris truncata)Distribution map for windmill grass (Chloris truncata)Windmill grass (Chloris truncata)



Chloris truncata grows in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, parts of Queensland and throughout New South Wales, except for the south coast.

– A valuable soil stabiliser.
– Windmill grass can produce valuable and palatable fodder when it is actively growing.
– Chloris truncata is suitable for turf as it is shorter than Chloris ventricosa with a maximum height of 30 cm.
– This makes it useful for roadsides, easements and for passive recreation. It can also work well in horticulture for areas that need a summer active ground cover that will not grow very tall.


Wheat grass is found on various soil types from sand to clay-loams. It has a wide range of tolerances from mildly acidic to alkaline soils.


Seed should be sown into a weed–free seed bed in early spring. It is preferable to lightly scratch or scarify the soil to create niches for the seed to lodge in. The seed should not be sown deep, but would be best broadcast over the surface then incorporated into the top 5mm of the surface by dragging over a set of harrows or similar equipment.


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