Wildlife Mix

Bee Fly on Danthonia



Beautify your home with our natural Wildlife Mix today!

This mix is known to attract some of Australia’s native wildlife including birds, butterflies and other insects. The six grasses contained in this mix are common food and habitat for many southern Australian wildlife species and can be effective in temperate climates of southern Australia.

This mix is not meant for lawns and it should not be mowed as the animals are attracted to the seed and the seed heads. The mix is also effective for amenity uses, back yards, parks, landscaping and even nature strips.

This mix contains*:

Sowing: 50g is sufficient for 25-20 sq. metres (this sowing rate is sparse to replicate natural densities, it can be increased for denser plantings)

*Mix components are subject to changes dependent on stock levels. Substitutions are occasionally made.

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