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There are about 30 native species of Wallaby grass in Australia and they are found in the temperate areas in all states except Northern Territory. This group of grasses is common and widespread. They are often seen on roadsides in open plain country or in lightly forested slopes. In any one area, there are usually a number of species growing alongside one another and populations are seldom monocultures. For example, the greater Melbourne area has 17 species.

– Wallaby grasses are very hardy and perform well for pasture or for amenity uses.
– Landscaping – Wallaby grass can be used for golf course roughs or other areas requiring attractive plants with low maintenance requirements. It is also an attractive and versatile plant for landscaping applications.
– Pasture – under grazing this grass is nutritious, productive and persistent when grazed intermittently.
– Horticulture – Wallaby grasses have been used successfully between rows of vines or trees to control erosion, reduce surface temperature, control weeds and lower saline water tabies.
– Revegetation – on disrupted soils where soil erosion control or long term perennial cover is required.
– Lawns – highly drought tolerant and low maintenance.

Medium clays to light sandy loams. Most Wallaby grasses prefer not to be waterlogged.

It is essential to have a weed-free seed bed before sowing as seedling vigour is low and competition against weeds is poor. Seed can be sown at all times of the year as long as moisture from either rainfall or irrigation is available. Germination can be expected within 14 to 21 days in autumn and spring, but it may take up to 60 days in winter. The cleaned seeds are very small, and need to be sown just below the surface (5 – 8 mm). If sowing in a dryland situation, use fluffy or pelletised seed.

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