Tropical Pasture Mix

Cattle grazing on native pasture

This mix is suitable for environments with hot dry summers and mild winters, or environments with  wet summers and mild dry winters. Warrego provides a fast growing cover crop during the establishment of the native grasses. Kangaroo and Qld Blue are warm season grasses and Wheat is a cool season grass providing all year fodder. Windmill grass provides soil stabilisation which help combat issues of erosion caused by hard-hooved animals. This mix is recommended for cattle, sheep and alpaca.

Sow Rate: 6-8kg per Acre

Sow Rate: 6-8kg per 1000m2



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Tropical grass pasture is known as a great source of balanced nutrients for cattle, sheep and alpacas. Native grass pastures are extremely resilient to environmental stresses and have been found to produce forage of high quality on poor quality soil. Tropical native grass pastures are also easy to maintain as they are self-fertilising.

The tropical native pasture mix is recommended for cattle, sheep and alpaca in tropical zones. The mix components are:

Mix components are subject to changes dependent on stock levels. Substitutions are occasionally made.

This pasture blend has been re-branded. Previous names including ‘Northern Horse Pasture Mix’ and ‘Norther Tropical Horse Pasture’.


Unfortunately due to Quarantine restrictions this product is not available to Western Australia

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