Temperate Pasture Mix

GALLOP Native Wheat (Elymus scaber) grass pasture
Oakey Wheat (Elymus scaber) grass pasture

This pasture blend is suitable for temperate zone from South Australia to Southern Queensland. Weeping, Wallaby and Wheat are cool season grasses, and red is a warm season grass providing all-year pasture. Windmill grass provides excellent soil stabilisation properties.

Sow Rate: 6-8kg per 1000m2


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Temperate Pasture Mix

This mix is recommended for cattle, sheep and alpaca in temperate climate zones.
Mix components are*:

*Mix components are subject to changes dependent on stock levels. Substitutions are occasionally made.

This pasture blend has been re-branded. Previous names include ‘Southern Pasture Mix’ and ‘Southern Temperate Pasture Mix’.

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