Kangaroo grass – Seeds and Awns – Themeda triandra



Seeds and awns form is the closest to clean seed and provides a good amount of seed per weight. The awns contract and expands when wet and helps the seed to find its way under the soil making it a good choice for ease-of-sowing.

Themeda triandra / Themeda australis is one of the most widespread native grasses in Australia growing in every state and territory, from interior arid regions to the alps and coast. It once dominated tussock grasslands in eastern Australia, but has been largely removed as areas were cleared for agriculture.

– Kangaroo grass is great for many amenity uses such as golf course roughs, passive recreation and lawns.
– Landscaping: useful for decorative planting because of its attractive foliage and seedheads, seasonal variations in colour, its adaptability and low maintenance.
– Revegetation: good in combination with other native grasses in areas of inhospitable soils where minimum preparation is needed.
– Pasture: when actively growing and is best when intermittently grazed.

Kangaroo grass can still be seen in remnant plains grasslands, sclerophyll, redgum and box woodlands as well as open grassy forests. Kangaroo grass grows on sandy soils to heavy clays and is often common in areas where moisture collects and grazing is infrequent. It also grows in soils of low to moderately high pH.

Native Seeds supplies Kangaroo grass seed as pure seed with no appendages or sometimes as florets or thatch. The cleaned seed should be sown 5-10 mm deep. No fertiliser is needed at sowing. The seedbed should be free of weeds and not too finely tilled. Kangaroo grass germinates best when subject to wet/dry cycles over the weeks following sowing. Seed germinates readily in spring and summer with air temperatures over 25°C and soil temperatures over 20°C. Sowing rates: 2 kg/ha for pasture 5-8 kg/ha for turf.


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