Griffin Weeping grass – Microlaena stipoides

Australian native weeping grass lawn (microlaena stipoides var. griffin)
Griffin weeping grass (microlaena stipoides) growing under chestnutsAustralian native weeping grass (microlaena stipoides) lawnDistribution map of weeping grass (microlaena stipoides)



Weeping grass is an Australian native grass which is widely distributed throughout the damper zones of eastern Australia from Cape York to Tasmania. It is also found in the wetter districts of South Australia in south-west of Western Australia.

– High drought tolerance

– High frost tolerance

– Medium salt tolerance

– Shade tolerant

Griffin weeping grass is ideal for a high quality lawn and for passive recreation. Once established, it has low maintenance needs and requires minimal watering. It grows in shade, partial shade and in the open. This variety was developed by the University of New England specifically for lawns and other low maintenance applications.

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