Gallop: WA-Ready horse pasture blend

horses grazing on spear grass (Austrostipa spp.) pasture
Due to quarantine restrictions many Australian native grasses found on the eastern seaboard cannot be imported into WA. This horse pasture mix uses only native grasses that are WA-safe. Weeping, wallaby and wheat provide excellent fodder. Windmill grass acts as a soil stabiliser and actively grows during the warmer months.


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“Gallop” horse pasture blends have been specifically formulated to reduce the risk of equine laminitis and founders. The grasses in these blends were selected for their low free sugar and high structural carbohydrate properties. 6-10kg is sufficient to sow 1 acre, but less may be used as the grasses will self-seed and thicken up over time.

In the WA-ready horse pasture blend all grasses are pre-approved for import into Western Australia.

This mix contains*:

This mix has been re-branded, previous names include ‘WA horse pasture’.

*Mix may change with quarantine approval

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