Gallop: Tropical horse pasture blend

Horses on Australian native grass pasture

This mix is suitable for wet or dry summers and mild winters.  Warrego provides a fast growing cover crop during the establishment of the native grasses. Kangaroo and Qld Blue are warm season grasses and Wheat is a cool season grass providing all year fodder. Windmill grass provides soil stabilisation.


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“Gallop” horse pasture blends have been specifically formulated to reduce the risk of equine laminitis and founders. The grasses in these blends were selected for their low free sugar and high structural carbohydrate properties.

The tropical horse pasture blend is recommended for regions with mild winters.
Mix components are*:

6-10kg is sufficient to sow 1 acre, but less may be used as the grasses will self-seed and thicken up over time.

*The mix components are subject to changes dependent on stock levels and substitutions are occasionally made.

This mix has been re-branded, previous names include ‘Northern Horse Pasture mix’ and ‘Northern Tropical Horse Pasture mix’.
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