Gallop: Temperate Horse Pasture Blend

Healthy horses grazing on Australian native grasses
Southern "Gallop" horse pasture mixTemperate "Gallop" horse pasture mixTemperate "Gallop" horse pasture mix

The temperate Gallop blend mix is suitable for wet or dry summers and mild winters. All of our horse pasture mixes are custom made and are low in non-structural carbohydrates to help prevent laminitis/founder in horses and ponies.


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“Gallop” horse pasture blends have been specifically formulated to reduce the risk of equine laminitis and founders. The grasses in these blends were selected for their low free sugar and high structural carbohydrate properties.

Mix components*:

*The mix components are subject to changes dependent on stock levels and substitutions are occasionally made.

6-10kg is sufficient to sow 1 acre, but less may be used as the grasses will self-seed and thicken up over time.

This mix has been re-branded, previous names include ‘Southern Horse Pasture mix’ and ‘Southern Temperate Horse Pasture mix’.

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  1. :

    We bought the southern temp horse pasture from you over 6 months ago. The paddock was bare when we had it sewn.
    Had an agronomist come thru to identify the grasses (we didn’t do the test samples as you advised !) and he said the pasture has taken really well. We have had some old rye come thru but it is pretty diluted with the new pasture .
    If horses could smile I am sure mine would be.
    Kind Regards
    Donna Baker

    • :

      Thanks for your lovely comment.Glad to know your horses are smiling:)

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