Clean wool mix

Clean sheep wool - Photograph by Liz Robertson
Clean sheep wool - Photograph by Liz Robertson

Clean wool mix is ideal for sheep and alpaca. The native grasses have been selected have to minimise the risk of seed burrowing into wool coats, maximise the fiber content, and provide species that will grow in both winter and summer for all year fodder.




Clean wool mix

Native grasses are a great source of balanced nutrients for cattle, sheep and alpacas. Native grasses known to be extremely resilient to environmental stresses and have been found to produce forage of high quality on poor quality soil. Native grass pastures are also easy to maintain as they are self-fertilising.

The clean wool mix is recommended for sheep, goats and alpaca in temperate zones.
The mix components are*:

*Mix components are subject to changes dependent on stock levels. Substitutions are occasionally made.

Due to the Red grass component this mix is unsuitable for WA

Weight g


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