Seed for Pasture

We offer native pasture grass seed, which has been proven to provide livestock with multiple benefits. For starters, native grasses are a great source of balanced nutrients for cattle and sheep. Feeding them with native grass helps ensure measured growth and development for these animals. They are also a popular choice among horse breeders because they are highly palatable and they do not contain non-structural carbohydrates that can cause illnesses such as Laminitis in horses.

  • Australian Native Grasses

    $29.95 $9.95
  • Black Spear Grass – Heteropogon contortus

  • Burra Weeping grass – Microlaena stipoides

  • Healthy horses grazing on Australian native grasses

    Gallop: Temperate Horse Pasture Blend

  • Horses on Australian native grass pasture

    Gallop: Tropical horse pasture blend

  • Oakey Wheat grass – Elymus scaber

  • Redgrass (Bothriochloa macra) Australian native grass lawn.

    Redgrass – Pure Florets – Bothriochloa macra

  • Redgrass (Bothriochloa macra) Australian native grass lawn.

    Redgrass – Vermiculite Mix – Bothriochloa macra

  • Oakey Wheat (Elymus scaber) grass pasture

    Temperate Pasture Mix

  • Cattle grazing on native pasture

    Tropical Pasture Mix