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Native Seeds PL has selectively bred naturally occurring Australian grasses for lawns. There are around 1200 species of native grasses in Australia. Some are big tussocks, and some are small fine plants. Native Seeds PL has selected Australian grass species that are naturally smaller, not as clumpy and have fine leaves. These grasses have been selected for their ability to produce lawns of high quality.

  • All year Green Blend, a mix of Weeping, Wallaby and Red grass

    All-year Green Lawn mix

  • Burra Weeping grass – Microlaena stipoides

  • Griffin weeping grass lawn

    Griffin Weeping grass – Microlaena stipoides

  • Organic lawn griffin

    Organic Lawn Builder & Repair Kit

  • Quick Grow Low Mow Lawn mix

    Quick-Grow Low-Mow Lawn mix

  • Redgrass – Pure Florets – Bothriochloa macra

  • Redgrass (Bothriochloa macra) Australian native grass lawn.

    Redgrass – Vermiculite Mix – Bothriochloa macra

  • Wallaby grass Oxley – Vermiculite Mix – Rytidosperma geniculatum

  • Windmill grass (Chloris truncata)

    Windmill grass – Chloris truncata

  • Australian native grass "Winter Lawn" Mix

    Winter lawn mix