Seed Mixes

Buy Australian Grass Seed Online
Native Seeds PL has selectively bred naturally occurring Australian grasses for lawns and seeds mixes.
Our seeds are prepared in mixes that provide ours clients with desired grasses for the uses.
Our seeds mixes include Green and Arid lawn, Biodiversity mix, Clean wool mix, Tropical and Temperate Horse pasture blend, Hay mix, Revegetation mixes, Wildfire and the Winter lawn mix.

The grass has been great thanks, and flourishing as you can see from the attached, which is on the Central Coast of NSW. We use it essentially to stabilise a slop and provide a pleasant low maintenance area at the rear of the house. As you can see, we don’t cut it but it does get raked from time to tidy it up, move seeds down the slope when they seed, and ensure larger critters haven’t taken up home.
It certainly is resistant to changes rainfall conditions, as we generally don’t water, although we provide a little fertiliser from time to time. We do need to do a little hand weeding on occasion, but not too bad.