Seed for Landscaping

Australian native grasses are attractive all year round, easy to maintain use very little water, and provide variation in texture and color. They encourage birds, and wildlife into your property, send down deep roots to provide a drought tolerant solution to Australia’s changing climate.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful presentation at the AILDM seminar earlier today and for the work you put in beforehand to prepare for the event.

You are an engaging and incredibly knowledgeable speaker and I know that our members would have gotten a lot from your talk.

Here at AILDM we are constantly endeavoring to increase our members knowledge of all things related to landscape and landscape design (we are launching CPD on July), and we value the support of government, individuals and businesses, such as yours, who engage with us and support us in achieving this.

So again I sincerely thank you”

Australian Institute of Landscape Designers & Managers

  • Australian Native Grasses

  • Foxtail spear grass – Austrostipa densiflora

  • Kangaroo grass – Florets – Themeda triandra

  • Kangaroo grass – Seeds and Awns – Themeda triandra

  • Organic lawn griffin

    Organic Lawn Builder & Repair Kit

  • Oxley Wallaby

    Oxley Wallaby grass – Vermiculite Mix

  • Queensland Bluegrass – Florets in vermiculite mix – Dichanthium sericeum

  • Rough spear grass – Austrostipa scabra

  • Tussock grass