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Australian native grass can be used for a variety of purposes including lawns, landscaping, pasture, horticulture and revegetation. Many of the species available from Native Seeds have been selectively bred for high-value traits such as drought tolerance, heat tolerance and shade tolerance.

  • Sowing native grasses

    7 secrets to successfully sowing native grasses

  • All year Green Blend, a mix of Weeping, Wallaby and Red grass

    All-year Green Lawn mix

  • Australian Native Grasses

  • biodiversity grass seed mix


  • Black Spear Grass – Heteropogon contortus

  • Burra Weeping grass – Microlaena stipoides

  • Clean sheep wool - Photograph by Liz Robertson

    Clean wool mix

  • Foxtail spear grass – Austrostipa densiflora

  • Healthy horses grazing on Australian native grasses

    Gallop: Temperate Horse Pasture Blend

  • Horses on Australian native grass pasture

    Gallop: Tropical horse pasture blend

  • Australian native weeping grass lawn (microlaena stipoides var. griffin)

    Griffin Weeping grass – Microlaena stipoides

  • hay & pasture mix

    Hay & Pasture mix

  • Equine Laminitis- How native grasses can help in its prevention

    How native grasses can help in the prevention of equine laminitis

  • Kangaroo grass – Florets – Themeda triandra

  • Kangaroo grass – Seeds and Awns – Themeda triandra

  • Northern Revegetation mix

    Northern Revegetation mix

  • wheat grass plant image

    Oakey Wheatgrass – Elymus scaber

  • Queensland Bluegrass – Pelletised – Dichanthium sericeum

  • Redgrass (Bothriochloa macra) Australian native grass lawn.

    Redgrass – Pure Florets – Bothriochloa macra

  • Redgrass (Bothriochloa macra) Australian native grass lawn.

    Redgrass – Vermiculite Mix – Bothriochloa macra