Free Ebook: How native grasses can help in the prevention of Equine Laminitis

Sowing native grasses
Take the first step towards preventing laminitis in your horses
  • Troubling times for horse owners
  • Cool season vs. Warm season grasses
  • Native vs Introduced grasses
  • A new dawn: Native Australian grasses

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I think this e-book is terrific. It explains in easy-to-understand terms, what it is in grass and what specific types of grass predispose horses and ponies to nutritional laminitis. I really like the info and great pictures of the low sugar grasses that we should all be sowing in our paddocks. Unlike sheep and cattle farmers, horse owners don't want to fatten up their equines for the dinner table. We want our horses to live long, healthy and useful lives. And good nutrition is one of the keys. Grasses developed for fattening cattle and sheep are the wrong type of grasses for our horses. I hope this e-booklet is widely read and leads to a better understanding of how we can keep laminitis at bay.

Rebecca Scott

Obesity and conditions such as Laminitis, Insulin Resistance and Cushings are now a sign of the times in modern domesticated horses. Our horses are living longer but working less hard and their 'lifestyle' now mirrors the modern human condition - living longer, less physical work, more junk food, many age and obesity related problems. Much of the information that circulates about horses and what to feed them is very much out of date because it comes from a time when horses did work for a living and the plants that they ate had not been scientifically 'improved' to increase their energy levels. That has all changed now and horses grazing high energy grasses are therefore at a much higher risk of many conditions that were relatively rare just a couple of human generations ago. There is now much interest in Australian Native grasses by horse owners because these grasses suit both horses and the Australian environment. This publication is a welcome source of information for horses owners as they seek to learn more about the natural grasses of Australia and their numerous benefits, for example these grasses have adapted to the Australian climate and therefore cope with Australia's extremes of climate without stress

Jane Myers -

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