Native grasses for low maintenance lawns

Native grasses for low maintenance lawns (edit for shop)

Native grasses can be used to produce excellent lawns. There are several advantages for this. Once established, the maintenance of a native grass lawn is much less than for most introduced type lawns. Some native lawns may only need mowing three to four times per year. Little fertiliser is required and water use is reduced.

One of the disadvantages is that native grasses, in comparison with introduced species, are relatively slow to establish and weed control is important for a good result. Native Seeds is currently undergoing trials of native grasses for roll out turf.

Native Seeds has several grass varieties especially suited to native lawn use depending on soil type and locality. Weeping grass, Wallaby grass and Redgrass can form lawns which equal other introduced lawn species in terms of texture and durability. They are drought tolerant and both Weeping grass and Redgrass will grow in shade.

This free ebook provides all the information you will need on why grow an Australian native grass low maintenance lawn. It covers the best types of native grass lawn seeds which work in different environments as well as selectively bred varieties, their characteristics and why you would use them for your lawn. These lawns are always low maintenance and drought tolerant.

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