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How your horse can graze 24/7 on grass,
stay healthy & have great year round feed.

Join Dr Ian Chivers CEO of Native Seeds Pty Ltd ( Native Grass Pasture expert) and Jane Myers from Equiculture.com.au - Specialists in equine grazing behaviour and the sustainable management of horse properties.

They discuss the common issues that many horse owners struggle with. Between them, they have over 85 years of practical experience in this specific area.

This is essential listening and viewing if

  • You are feeling overwhelmed, lacking in knowledge and confidence about taking the next steps to successful land stewardship.
  • You are time poor, and struggle with limited money and resources on how to feed your horses safely.
  • You don’t enjoy soaking hay, and stabling horses so as to protect them from the high sugar introduced grasses.
  • You love your environment and want to be a more effective grass farmer for your horse. This is the sustainable low cost natural alternative, that means you won’t be spending money on fertilizer, lime, water and other additives.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The common mistakes costing time and money that many horse owners routinely make and how to avoid them.
  • How to get up to speed quickly with the essentials you need to know and how to apply them
  • The correct way to develop a plan going forward that won’t cost you a fortune.
  • Case studies of people who use Jane’s and Ian’s methods, getting back more money and time in the process. Making their properties, drought proof and sustainable is an added bonus!

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Congrats on the brilliant Webinar, the information is so relevant and up to date. I have long advocated for more natural ways of keeping horses and am constantly frustrated by not owning land myself and having to agist. I introduced the land owner of the last place I kept my horse to the whole idea of native grasses for pasture and would have liked to change the individual paddock regime that is so common. Where I previously kept my other horse was a large (huge area actually) paddock where horses grazed as a herd and had individual yards for feeding/grooming etc., there was only need for one major water point, the horses were very healthy, the ground was never completely bare, the horses would organise the hierarchy of the herd themselves quite acceptable and new horses would take a few days to get themselves sorted but overall it was a great system. My horse lived there for at least 15 years (the latter years of her life) and she lived a very healthy happy life and died as a result of chipped shoulder at 32 years of age, I was riding her up until 2 years prior.

Keep up the good work, let's hope more horse/land owners can be informed of these excellent ideas.

Many thanks for providing such excellent information.


Marian F McDuie

Who is Dr Ian Chivers?

Dr Ian Chivers is a certified and well-known expert on indigenous Australian grasses.

Over the years, he has collaborated with many government organisations, including the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, the Australian Research Council, and institutions such as the University of Melbourne, Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, and the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.

Dr Chivers love for native Australian grasses and passion for the environment have inspired him to selectively breed indigenous grass seeds with the best quality for excellent results.

Who is Jane Myers?

Based in Australia and the UK, She is the author of Managing Horses on Small Properties and Horse Safe (both published by CSIRO) and author (along with her husband Stuart) of the new Equicentral System Series (2015). She is also a co-author of the Australian book Horse Sense (published by CSIRO).

She holds an MSc in Equine Studies from The University of Wales (UK), including a period of research at the Royal Edinburgh Veterinary School for her thesis on the grazing behaviour of horses.

She teaches and advises on a variety of subjects including horse property and pasture management with an environmental focus. She also delivers handling and riding instruction and present on feeding, horse behaviour, positive reinforcement (clicker) training, horse safety and horse management.