Urochloa piligera

Other common name:
Armgrass millet Previously known as Brachiaria piligera. Many species of the genus Brachiaria were recently reclassified into the genus Urochloa.


Hairy Armgrass is found across all mainland States except Victoria. It is concentrated in the drier subtropic and tropical areas.


An annual or short-lived perennial with warm season growth. It is valuable fodder for grazing animals during its relatively brief life time. While not growing tall (up to 0.5 m) it spreads widely forming large clumps of green foliage. Spreading forms are capable of producing a large bulk of green material in a short period. Laterally spreading stems sometimes root and continue to spread, although this characteristic is not universal.


It is found in both woodland and in open pasture and especially in areas that have been disturbed by grazing or earthworks. It is found on a wide range of soil types but prefers sandier soils.


  • Low drought tolerance
  • Low frost tolerance
  • High heat tolerance


Seed should be sown into a weed-free seedbed in spring. The seed is small and can be sown conventionally through a small seed-box. Seed should be sown to a shallow depth into a prepared seedbed.


Hairy Armgrass is a valuable and fast-growing fodder grass which will produce large quantities of feed early in spring.