One of the biggest issues with sowing grass seeds is the need for constant watering, particularly in the early stages of sowing. To make finding the right drought tolerant / drought resistant grass a little easier for you, we will compile a list here with links to their relevant information pages.

Barbed Wire grass (info) (buy seed)

Black Spear grass (info) (buy seed)

Cotton Panic grass (info) (buy seed)

Curly Mitchell grass (info) (buy seed)

Curly Windmill grass (info) (buy seed)

Kangaroo grass (info) (buy seed)

Queensland Blue grass (info) (buy seed)

Redgrass (info) (buy seed) – Great for lawns!

Wallaby grass (info) (buy seed) – Great for lawns!

Weeping grass (info) (buy seed) – Great for lawns!

There are other drought tolerant / drought resistant grasses, but the grasses in this list are fantastic not only for drought tolerance but for many other factors too, including shade or heat tolerance and some make fantastic pasture and horse pasture grasses too!