About Us

An Australian native bee on Australian Native grass floret

Who are we?

Native Seeds Pty Ltd has been collaborating with academics and others in the native seed industry to help solve most of the frustrating problems related to the harvesting, cleaning, storage, dormancy, germination and establishment of native grasses from seed. We have successfully collected, trialled and bred over several generations the best performing varieties of native grasses suited for commercial applications. Often seed collected from endangered plant communities can have very little germination as there may be insufficient genetic diversity in small populations.

We specialize in providing the strongest varieties of native grass seeds that have been specially selected and grown for their germination and vigour in a variety of situations and have a guaranteed germination rate when properly sown. Native Seeds Pty Ltd is a leading industry specialist in operation since 1988.

Our vision…

Our purpose is to unlock the potential of Australian native grasses to see landscapes and pastures flourishing with attractive native grasses. We can provide information to the community about Australian native grasses, as well as practical advice on how to grow them. Australian native grasses are drought tolerant and years of scientific research have meant Native Seeds has been able to develop some specifically bred grasses suited to a wide range of applications.

So why Native Seeds Pty Ltd?

We have been and will remain leaders in our seed industry. Why? Because of our strong research background and our high quality seeds. To learn more about our grasses, browse our website or give us a call on 03 9555 1722 or 1300 4 SEEDS.