In an article seen in a recent press release, which you can find here, some survey results amongst real-estate agents have shown that “MOST Aussies want real grass in their back yard” and are willing to pay up to 18% more for a house with a real lawn. Here’s a few interesting facts from the article:

MOST Aussies want real grass in their back yard and are prepared to shell out an extra $75,000 for a lawn, according to a national survey of real estate agents.

The poll of agents by Turf Australia found that in Sydney, where the average house costs $440,000, a lawnncould add $83,000 to the price.

Buyers in Melbourne could pay almost $80,000 more on an average $420,000 home for a patch of real green.

Nationally, a lawn could add 18 per cent, or just over $75,000 in value to the average $420,000 home, the survey found.

So what does this have to do with native grass lawns? Well, think of it this way…

  • Do you find your lawn suffers from under or over watering?
  • Are you sick of having to be constantly mowing your lawn, or find that it is hard to tame?
  • Are you having to spend a lot of time and/or money on weed control?
  • Does your lawn go dormant at certain times of the year?
  • Your lawn won’t grow without adequate sunlight?

Well, these are just a fraction of the frustrations people can have with their lawn, especially when using introduced grasses. Most of our selectively bred native Australian grasses are ‘built to last’ and are often slow-growing, easily manageable, drought tolerant and make very beautiful lawn. Some grasses like our amazing Griffin Weeping grass will even grow in shady, low-sunlit areas. The facts are there, but the choice is yours to make.

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