Native seeds


Uses for native grasses

Weeping grass seed (Microlaena stipoides) lawn

Sowing & growing your lawn with native grass seeds

Learn more about low maintenance native grasses for your lawn…

Edit of a horse on grass from FLicker

Grow better pasture for horses, cattle & sheep

Native pastures are adapted to the harsh Australian environment and can reduce the risk of equine laminitis…

Revegetating with Australian Native Grasses

Revegetation & restoration of Australian landscapes

Infrastructure, mining and roadside revegetation and restoration have been shown to benefit through the use of native grasses …

Aus Eco Solution

Native seeds testimonial 5 stars
“Aus Eco Solutions manage an outstanding, high conservation value, native grassland west of Melbourne. Over the past two years, we have used a blend of native grass seeds developed in consultation with Native Seeds which has achieved great results. Successful germination rates have improved the habitat quality of once degraded areas, which now provides excellent harbour for the endangered Striped Legless Lizard found throughout the grassland reserve. I would recommend using Native Seeds when planning / undertaking grassland revegetation as staff are very helpful and the seed quality top class.”

Jon Nester, Victorian Branch Manager

Collaborating research with

Collaborators with Native Seeds

International erosion control association

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